How to put your Picasa Images on Craigslist

How to put your Picasa Images on Craigslist

How to put your Picasa Images on Craigslist

Last week I posted an article about helping you on Craigslist. One of the questions I was asked was how to put Picasa images on Craigslist. This is a tricky one, but I’ll get you through it.


Step 1: Go to Picasa

Picasa is tricky because you have to right click on the image to see what the real file is. Let’s take my logo image on Picasa for a moment.

Here’s the link:


While this may show you the image, it’s not the image file – it’s a page. You can tell because there is no file type associated with it. Ex. It doesn’t end in .jpg, .gif, ..png, etc.


Step 2: Right Click the Image

In order to find the file type we have to right-click the image and look under properties.

In my example the file location is:×250%20pixel.png


See how this ends in a .png suffix? That’s how we know it’s an image file.


Step 3: Write the Image Code


Now we can follow the usual steps. Click here to go to Step 2 in putting an image on Craigslist.

Hope that helps. If you are interested in other ways that Picasa can help your small business, check out my write up here. I also wrote a quick tutorial on how Picasa can help you with SEO.


As always, if you have any other website questions at all, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help out. If you’d like to get free tips like this delivered to you via email, please put your address in the form at the top of the page. That will stay absolutely private, I promise. Thanks for reading!


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    I’m a small contractor that primarily uses CL for new leads right now as I’m slowly building my website and SEO.
    BTW when trying to sing up for your newsletter it says it’s not active anymore. Did you have Constant Contact? I am using that now with about 750 leads I bought to email blast