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How To Make a “Huge” Rather Than “Big” Difference To Your Craigslist Ad

Make a HUGE difference in your posting

If you really want to make a huge impact in your Craigslist Ad, you have to follow these suggestions.

Don’t Write Your CL Ad Copy Before You Read This

Make your ad trustworthy.

So many people miss out on sales because they have the worst copy in their ads. Here’s a simple list that shows you what to avoid and what to put in.

A Simple Trick To Make People Click On Your Craigslist Ad

Why how Craigslist got started matters to how you use it.

Craigslist uses the same old design from 1995. It’s really hard for your ad to stand out. Here’s a simple trick that will get your ad clicked.

Don’t Repeat THIS Mistake: Do Not Post In Different Craigslist Categories

Don't Make This Craigslist Mistake!

Posting in the right category in Craigslist can make you money. Posting in the wrong one can get you banned – but there is one exception to this rule.